Selena Gomez’s Epic Reaction to Lionel Messi’s Near Goal Breaks the Internet

In an unexpected twist, global pop sensation Selena Gomez found herself at the heart of a viral sensation during a thrilling Major League Soccer (MLS) encounter between Inter Miami and LAFC. The reason? Her priceless reaction to soccer icon Lionel Messi’s near-goal, a stunning save by goalkeeper John McCarthy. The video of Gomez’s astonished expression swiftly took over social media, transforming her into the newest viral meme sensation.

selena gomez's reaction

Gomez’s Fandom for Messi Shines Through:

Selena Gomez’s ardent admiration for Lionel Messi has never been a secret. The singer and actress have openly expressed her admiration for the Argentine legend in the past. Thus, it was no surprise when she eagerly attended the Inter Miami vs. LAFC match, anticipating a firsthand experience of Messi’s prowess. Little did she know that she would emerge as a sensational internet figure herself.

The Viral Moment: Gomez’s Reaction:

As the match progressed, Gomez couldn’t contain her excitement when Messi found himself in a prime scoring position. With a slick passing sequence, Messi was left wide open in the penalty box, and he unleashed a powerful shot aimed at the net’s back. However, his attempt was thwarted by LAFC goalkeeper John McCarthy, leaving Gomez in sheer disbelief. A video capturing Gomez’s hilarious facial expressions quickly circulated online, encapsulating the astonishment felt by viewers. Her wide eyes and dropped jaw perfectly mirrored the collective amazement.

The Birth of a Meme:

Gomez’s reaction to Messi’s near-goal denial instantly birthed a meme sensation. Fans of the singer/actress and soccer enthusiasts alike seized the opportunity to create humorous memes using the short clip of her shocked expression. The internet was flooded with variations of the meme, celebrating Gomez’s relatable and entertaining reaction.

Inter Miami Triumphs: A 3-1 Victory:

While Gomez’s reaction garnered attention, the match itself was brimming with excitement. Inter Miami, the team recently joined by Messi, emerged victorious with a convincing 3-1 win over LAFC. Goals from Facundo Farias, Jordi Alba, and Leonardo Campana solidified the victory. Despite being denied a goal in this particular match, Messi’s presence undeniably contributed to the team’s success.

Gomez’s Message to Messi:

In another touching moment, a video emerged where Gomez was asked to leave a message for Messi. Without hesitation, she expressed her love and admiration for the football legend. Her straightforward yet heartfelt message resonated with fans globally, cementing her status as a devoted Messi supporter

Gomez’s Memorable Year:

This viral moment isn’t the first time Gomez has become the center of internet memes. Just last month, a photo of her wrapped in a blanket and gazing into the distance went viral, inspiring countless creative interpretations and captions. Gomez’s ability to capture the online community’s attention with her relatable expressions and moments has earned her the title of a meme queen

Messi at Inter Miami: A New Chapter:

Lionel Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami in June 2023 sent shockwaves through the soccer world. Following his departure from Paris Saint-Germain, fans eagerly anticipated his move to the MLS. The LAFC match showcased Messi’s immense talent and the impact he has on the team. As Inter Miami continues to flourish with Messi on their roster, fans can look forward to witnessing more extraordinary moments on the field.

Selena Gomez’s unforgettable reaction to Lionel Messi’s near-goal, thwarted by goalkeeper John McCarthy, is etched into the annals of viral internet moments. Her genuine passion for Messi and her love for soccer radiated through her expressions, striking a chord with fans worldwide. As Gomez continues to captivate audiences with her relatable and entertaining moments, she solidifies her position as both a gifted artist and a dedicated sports enthusiast.

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